#1 Stunnas Fayetteville Chapter



Chartered in January of 2016, The Fayetteville Chapter of the #1 Stunnas M.S.C was founded on the principal of putting Fam1ly First! In March of 2015 Several members of the Greensboro Chapter who lived in Fayetteville came together to discuss the possibility of starting a new chapter in Fayetteville. After meeting with The National Board local clubs, as well as the Dominate OMC’s the process was started.

On January 9th of 2016 the Chairmen WASH, Slow Motion, Tiger, MOS, Brianz, Green Mile, Sho Me, Rico, Agent 47, along with member SunShyne celebrated the birth of the Stunna Nations 40th Chapter. The 1st E-Board was elected which consisted of WASH as President, Slow Motion as Vice President, Rico as Treasurer, Brainz as Secretary Sho Me as Business Manager and Green Mile as Sgt at Arms.     

Since that time, we have established ourselves in Fayetteville as well as across the Stunnna Nation as a club “Making Big Moves” and doing “Big Things”. Through collaborative community service projects, Riding our Bikes, and Fellowshipping with others, Our CHAPTER is now envied by MOST but respected by ALL.


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