In 2003, four men in Chicago had a vision to take their love and passion for riding motorcycles to a whole other level of admiration and desire and start the first Chapter of the #1 Stunnas Motor Sport Club. Growing to over 100 members in a few months and to now having over 30 chapters across the United States and Japan, their dream for having 1 voice 1 vision has made the #1 Stunnas the largest motor sport club in the WORLD! Enthusiast for motor sports make up our core fam1ly and drives us to continue to grow and give back to the communites in which we were raised and for those less fortunate. From community service events to feeding the homeless or raising money for well-deserved causes, the #1 Stunnas continues to set the pace for future Junior Stunnas to take the lead and further grow this club. With no end in sight, it’s hard to believe that the #1 Stunnas have grown to such an amazing stature and size from beginning with four men and a passion for riding!

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